Electronic Commerce or E-commerce is a convenient facility for customers to shop and pay online. The development of an E-commerce website is not such an easy task these days. Since the competition is high, you need the best E-commerce developer to make your E-commerce website. If you plan to hire a Shopify Developer in Australia, here are some important things to know.

When you are starting an E-commerce business, the formulation of a marketing strategy, the right marketing of products, finding the products, and managing a suitable inventory are the main factors you need to consider. If you are not an expert in this field, try to find the best Shopify developer in Sydney to do this job for you. With the hiring of a suitable developer for your E-commerce website, you will get more time to develop other important areas of your business.

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‍Who is a Shopify E-com developer?

A Shopify E-com developer specializes in Shopify website development. They will have genuine insights and development skills than other developers. They have firsthand knowledge about the working scenario of a Shopify site, its inventory systems, navigation, and checkout logic as well as Shopify theme customization.

If you plan to develop a Shopify website, find the best Shopify developer in Australia so that you can ensure the website can work flawlessly on any device. A good developer can also help you to implement any feature you prefer to launch as well as manage your business. Even though you only have an elusive knowledge about the platform you need, an experienced developer can do the entire job for you as they will have the optimal knowledge to develop a perfect platform.  If you need a greatly customized functionality as well as abiding site maintenance, the expertise of a professional Shopify developer is a must.

Steps to follow to hire a Shopify Developer

You should know the ‍steps to follow while hiring a Shopify developer.

·      Be clear about the things you need to accomplish

You should be clear about the things you want to accomplish through the development of the website. It is not necessary to know all the small details, but you may need a general idea about what the developer should do for you. Some of them are about the appearance of your E-commerce site, its features, and functions, elements you prefer to include in the platform, etc.

·      Set your budget in advance

You may need to set a budget before hiring a developer so that both parties can prioritize the things to be included in the site as per the budget. If your budget is a little less, try to ensure that the project will cover all the necessary things to ensure the functioning of the site.

·      Do a thorough research

You may need extensive research about the researcher and their work history to decide the suitable Shopify developer for you. You can do this by checking out the Shopify forums, opinions in Reddit or Quora, reviews, testimonials, etc. Once you shortlist the potential developers, check their portfolio as well as social media profiles.

·      Interview the shortlisted candidates

Once you have a list of preferred E-commerce developers, schedule an interview with each of them. During the interview, you can discuss your goals and ask about their expertise and technical knowledge to take over the project. You can also ask to see their previous work examples to check.

·      Decide your developer

Once you are sure about the qualities of the developer and satisfied with what they have in offer for you, discuss the project with them in detail. If you cannot meet them in person, use a video call facility and discuss your entire project with them. It is good to keep specific schedules to cover all the stages of the project and be clear about the things already accomplished and to be completed as part of the development. A good Shopify developer in Australia will be with you always and ready to discuss the development and receive your inputs to the completion of the project.

·      Payment schedule

Before the starting of the project, you should work out a schedule for payment suitable for both parties. The developer may need a deposit in advance before starting the work. Make sure to assess each stage of the work and release the payment accordingly.

Qualities you may require in a Shopify developer

You should know what to look at in a Shopify developer. Normally they should be utilizing version control and may have a deeper knowledge about the platforms API, PHP as well as JavaScript. Besides these, you should also look into a Shopify developer certain qualities, as described below.

It is good to select a developer with good communication skills so that you can discuss your project with them easily. Avoid the ones who take more than the required time to respond to your queries. A good developer will tell you about their plan, the amount of work to be finished in a period, and they will always be ready to hear your vision and tell them about your progress. A good portfolio, customer reviews, and testimonies, innovative style, fresh thinking, etc. should be the other qualities you may need to check in a potential E-commerce developer. A post-development support plan is also an essential quality to consider before selecting the best E-commerce development in Australia. If you are from Australia, 911 digital will be a perfect choice for you with all the qualities you need in an excellent Shopify developer.

Wishing you all the success in finding the perfect E-commerce developer and take your business to new heights!